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From Sandy, Oregon to Sandy Boulevard, Wallow and Root Pasture Farm provides Piccone’s Corner the freshest seasonal ingredients. Starting this October, we will be offering a full butcher counter plus grab and go options for takeout.

We are neighbors, farmers, growers, producers and allies of a more conscious food system.

Piccone’s Corner and Wallow & Root Pasture Farm were born out of a desire to bring the Portland community in closer contact with the food they eat and the farmers producing it.

Inspired by three chickens and a backyard bee colony in SE Portland, the idea eventually grew. As we grow our business, we further aim to integrate craft butchery and charcuterie into our production practices by establishing state or USDA inspected processing, curing, and storage facilities and developing of a line of unique retail products.

Illustration of a lily plant
Illustration of a lily plant
Illustration of a cow in a field


3434 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon