Wallow & Root Pasture Farm

We’re a mid-scale diversified farm raising pastured hogs and rabbits with the utmost respect for the animals and the land.

We believe the role of localism in developing sustainable and resilient systems for agriculture and food production is essential. We are happy to see the growing community of restaurants and retail consumers who desire healthy products grown locally and sustainably and are here to help fill that growing need.

The restaurant and food services industry in Oregon, and particularly Portland is one of the leading markets for food raised in this manner with thousands of restaurants and retail consumers looking for healthy, ethically raised meat from local farms. We are currently one of the only farms local to the Portland region seeking to produce pasture-raised heritage pork on a commercial scale with the majority of other farms either producing at low volume or at high volume in housing facilities with deeply bedded pens.

Our current production system, which utilizes intensive rotational grazing in one-acre paddocks, allows our farm to produce pasture-raised, heritage variety pork at high production volume with the highest quality and animal welfare standards, meaning the livestock we raise is both happy and healthy.

Vision, & Goals

Through our uncompromising dedication to animal welfare, ecological health, and product uniqueness and quality, we intend to become a major wholesale and retail meat supplier to the Portland metro area. We hope to provide a spectrum of products from wholesale primal cuts and whole animal carcasses to retail-end craft cuts and cured/aged charcuterie/salumi products bearing our unique culinary influences and terroir.

While the majority of our effort is currently geared towards animal health and population growth, we dedicate additional time to culinary research and skill development as well as product conceptualization.

- The Piccone's Team