Wallow & Root Pasture Farm

Wallow & Root Farm is a diversified livestock farm with a special focus on pigs bred from heritage crosses.

Our goal is to be a part of building a healthier and more resilient food system in Oregon by adopting practices that prioritizes the health and well-being of our animals and our workers as well as the soil. Year after year we work to improve our systems to better accomplish this goal.

We raise our hogs on a combination of open pasture during the spring, summer, and fall, and deeply bedded hoop barns during the rainy season. This provides the pigs with outdoor space to roam and forage during the growing season and a dry and sheltered environment when the weather is harsh and wet. Keeping the hogs in the hoop barns during the wetter season protects our soil and allows us to capture the nutrients from their waste and convert it to compost.

We select our breeding stock according to heartiness and what we believe makes best quality meat. Red Wattle, Duroc, Berkshire, Hampshire, and Gloucester Old Spot are some of the breeds that we use in our lines.

Vision, & Goals

The conception of Wallow & Root Pasture farm grew out of the basic idea that our food system is a reflection of our relationship to one another, our communities, and our planet. Agriculture, when done right, not only produces the most nourishing (and delicious) food, but also connects us to our communities and to the land through a profound and healing process of mutual nourishment, growth, and evolution.

We aspire to be a part of the growing movement of farms and farmers seeking to build a healthier and more harmonious agriculture system by centering the health of our soil and the wellbeing of our livestock in our management practices. The farm that exists today is a manifestation of these beliefs and the many humbling, real-world challenges we have faced working towards this ideal. We are proud to share our efforts with you and we hope that you enjoy our pork as much as we enjoy producing it

- The Piccone's Team